Kids are Sponges

I think most of us have heard some version of, “Kids are sponges.” or “Kids are always paying attention, even if it seems like they aren’t.” If you have kids or are around kids on a regular basis, you know just how true this is. I’ve really seen it lately with my daughter and our new evening routine.

After reading our 10 pages (or chapter), we stretch/practice yoga. A couple days ago, after stretching for 10 minutes, she asked me if she could do a short work out. Of course, I said yes. Since I’ve been on steroids for so long, I’ve experienced muscle wasting and I am extremely weak. I’ve been trying to halt this by doing just a couple of exercises daily, which she has seen. I think this coupled with the fact that we have been taking time daily to stretch has made her want to also increase her strength. I make a very conscious effort to frame working out as important for the way you feel, NOT the way you look. It’s proven to improve mood, sleep, boost energy, and can help manage or prevent a myriad of of other health conditions.

She asked me if we could do a 21 day workout challenge to which I accepted. I love when she comes up with things for us to do together. The older she gets, the more I fear losing the bond we share- at least temporarily. Teens tend to drift away from their parents, which is a normal part of growing up, but I dread it immensely.

We are an active family that cares about health and wellness. Now that our daughter is old enough to go to the gym with us, it’s become a fun family activity. On one of our first trips, she was so excited to learn how to use ALL of the equipment that we were there for 2 hours! I haven’t been able to go to the gym for a couple of months, but hoping to get back (albeit slowly) sometime this month. Watching her dad and me make health a priority seems to have made an impression on her which delights me! All I want for her in life is to be happy and healthy- no matter what happiness looks like to her. If she achieves these two things, I will feel like a our parenting was successful.


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