Diet Experiment- Day 3

This morning I was a bit tired, but I didn’t sleep too well last night. A couple hours after I woke up, the grogginess dissipated and I was fine the rest of the day. I could have gotten a workout in this evening if I was able to, but doctor’s orders!

I fasted until lunch today, but started getting hungry around 11 (ate at 12). I had a salad for lunch then some carrots and a pickle for a snack. Squash with a black bean burger was for dinner. Normally I would use mayo, but since I’m counting calories, it’s not worth 100 of my precious 1,000. I used mustard instead since there aren’t calories. I had a hot earl grey tea with a splash of almond milk for “dessert”. I also had a mini rice cereal treat at work. It was good but not sure it was worth the 45 calories. It’s amazing how quickly you can decide if a food is worth it or not when you count calories.

I was so tempted to cheat today because I came home to freshly baked peanut butter cookies! Why this week?! You better believe I put away a few to have on Saturday! That being said, I’ve decided to just do the experiment for 5 days so Friday will be the last day.

Tomorrow and Friday I will resume working out. Still drinking a gallon of water per day. It’s actually not been that difficult. I find myself liking the challenge although looking everything up can be tedious. I’ve learned that many veggies have very few calories so you can almost eat all day if you like veggies!

My digestion seems better and I have less of an uncomfortable feeling after I eat. I try to eat a lot of fiber normally, but since I’ve been eating even more veggies, that could be part of it. I can’t wait to see if I feel up to a workout tomorrow (day 4). I suspect I will start to lose energy soon. I work in an office so I don’t do a ton of physical labor, but your body needs calories to just function properly. We will see what happens by Friday!

Quick note: This is not medical advice. Simply a personal experiment log. Thanks for reading!


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