Hurricane Dorian

The biggest thing in the news as of late for Floridians is Hurricane Dorian. It is a very stressful time, even if you have lived here for years and have experienced many hurricanes. You know it’s coming but aren’t sure exactly when or even where it will make landfall. I saw a meme today that said waiting for a hurricane was like being stalked by a turtle… I giggled. It’s kinda true.

We are as prepared as we can be at this point. We have drinks, we have food, and we will freeze some filtered water in case we lose power which is to be expected. We know the drill. Everyone seems to be preparing a bit early this time with water selling out 5 days before the storm is supposed to hit. I assume stores will be getting at least one more delivery before we all hunker down. That being said, I think it’s a bit funny that everyone jumps on the water bandwagon. Do that many people even drink water on a regular basis? People seem to forget that you can also buy juice and sports drinks among other bottled drinks. Of course everyone should have water, but some people buy way more than they need which leaves the rest of us with very little or none. Maybe the newscasters should throw that idea out there.

Tomorrow we plan on preparing the house, cleaning up the yard, putting the chairs, hammock, and other things that can fly away with strong winds in the garage. We are also going to make some beef jerky! We started using our dehydrator again and realized that beef jerky is a great snack that won’t have to be refrigerated if we lose power. Last time we were without power for 5 days. It was rough, but we survived! The worst thing about being without electricity is trying to sleep at night – especially since I still had to go to work during the day.

At this point, all we can do is wait. It’s anxiety inducing, but I try to track the storm every few hours and not watch too much coverage on it because it can become overwhelming. We are planning to stay home and ride it out unless we are told to evacuate in which case we have a full tank of gas so we will be okay. I hope anyone who is in the path of Dorian heeds advice to be prepared with supplies and evacuate if necessary. Stay safe, friends.


2 thoughts on “Hurricane Dorian

  1. Hope all goes well. We are in VA, so we know the drill – although you get more of it than we do. I hear on the news this morning that it will probably miss FL, which is great for Home Depot who sold completely out of plywood. Still – being missed is the best outcome. It just makes it more difficult next time when people start remembering the last time when it didn’t hit and they don’t prepare.


    1. Thank you! I’m hoping it misses everyone and continues to the northeast. I made it to get some groceries and they had water so I grabbed two cases – which was the limit. I think it’s a good idea for places to put a limit on the amount you can buy in situations like this to avoid some of the hoarding and price gouging. I heard people are trying to price gouge on social media. You see the worst and the best of people in severe situations. Thank you for the reply and stay safe!

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