Rough Week

This week was a rough one for me. Monday I woke up in agonizing pain in my right lower abdomen. Typically my pain is on the left (in the descending colon) so pain on the right was a bit concerning. Jarrod thought it may be my appendix since it was in that general area. After about 20 minutes of paced breathing, chills, and dry heaving from pain, it subsided. I was sore for several hours afterward and the pain didn’t come back until Wednesday while we were out running errands. I started to feel it and in a panic, kept my eye on the restroom- just in case. Luckily, the pain didn’t get nearly as bad as it had on Monday and subsided in about 15-20 minutes. Today, I felt the pain again, about the same as Wednesday, but for longer periods of time. If it persists next week, I will consider making an appointment with my specialist, but it will probably be fine.

I wasn’t very productive this week. I only applied for one job, but I did get a call from a company I applied with several weeks ago. I’m waiting for her to return my call now so we will see what happens with that. Hopefully I will at least get an interview, but I’m not holding my breath.

I haven’t had a whole lot of energy lately which could be due to not sleeping consistently. I’ve just been resting a lot this week and I do feel a bit guilty about it. I finally cleaned the interior of my car and pull some weeds in the yard. I also cooked dinner every night and keep the house straightened up, but not much more than that. Since I’ve been home I try and have a list of projects to work on, but I just couldn’t get to any of them this week. Hopefully next week will be better. Starting tomorrow, I will be on a liquid diet for several days to see if it helps with the pain and energy levels. It normally does so fingers crossed!

Speaking of food, I made a couple of good meals this week. One of which was an “Egg Roll in a Bowl” dinner. Just cabbage, carrots, onion, garlic, ginger, sesame oil, soy sauce, and chicken – all cooked in one skillet. I served it with rice and it was a hit! Simple and delicious! We had plenty of leftovers since I used an entire head of cabbage so I brought my mom some for dinner too. She liked it even though she thought it was a bit spicy. I love versatile recipes. You can leave out the chicken for a vegan meal or replace it with another meat. You can add more veggies or leave some out. It’s totally up to you. If anyone is interested in measurements for this recipe, let me know and I will write it down when I make it again or try and remember about how much of everything I used. I don’t measure anything when I’m cooking (except when I make rice). It’s good because it allows me to be creative, but the downside is that it’s hard for me make the exact meal twice or to give someone else the recipe.


I will still cook for the family next week even though I will be eating blended foods so look for a new meal (I will write down the recipe this time) next week. Oh, and I think I will try to write new blog posts on Thursdays. It may change after I get a job depending on my schedule, but I will try to write at least one a week. Have a lovely weekend and I look forward to your comments! Xoxo




2 thoughts on “Rough Week

  1. I literally do the exact same thing! I sometimes try and remember what I did when I want to make it again and I also try to write the amounts down, but I usually just make stuff. No recipe, and I “eye it” it if needs more of something, I add it. LOL there are a few I made myself write down right after making it because it was such a HUGE hit my daughter made me. LOL I frequently make what you made. I call them my “throw dishes” cuz I literally just throw in what I have on hand. Stir frys are the best for that. And my hubbys korean, so we always have white rice in hand or he would curl up and die. Hahahaha. But it’s great to have on hand. Fried rice is another one that you can be pretty versatile with and I make a lot of.


    1. Yes!!! My husband LOVES rice so we always have it too and it’s perfect for quick, thrown to together meals. I’ve been trying to be better about meal planning as far as dinners go, but usually I just look around, see what I’ve got, and go from there! Haha I will have to say, there’s only been one thing I made that no one was thrilled about but it was something that was really just thrown together with what little we had at the time Hahahaha!


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