Feeling Optimistic

It’s Thursday night which means tomorrow is Friday. This week has really flown by! I’ve had a pretty productive week- today especially. I applied for two jobs, one of which they notified me that my application had been “looked at”. I guess that’s a good thing?? I have applied for so many jobs in the last two weeks and haven’t heard anything yet. It’s still early though.

Man, landing a good job isn’t that easy especially when my experience is scattered amongst many different fields. I don’t even have 5 years of employment in the science world yet. I like so many things, that’s the problem. I can see myself doing this or that so I just go for it. Why not? You only live once! Now, I’m thinking I would really love to get into a chemistry lab.

When I was an undergraduate, I had so many amazing classes! We went on trips, we tromped through the woods, caught invasive lizards, learned the different ways to measure trees and land…just so many interesting things that any outdoorsy person would love. I always pictured myself doing field work out in the woods or wetlands for a living. That was before I was diagnosed with UC. Now, I don’t think I can do field work. Most days, sure, it would probably be okay, but there would be too many days where I felt too weak to tromp through the forest or marshland. Not to mention the fact that not having a restroom nearby gives me a panic attack (seriously). It’s ok though. I have liked working in a lab setting and I think it’s a safe bet for me health-wise. Now, I just have to convince someone to give me a shot. 😉 I know if someone gave me a chance, they wouldn’t regret it. The last three jobs I’ve resigned from, they’ve asked me to reconsider. I know I’m a good employee, I just need an opportunity to show my worth. 🙂

Today I finished a sketch I’ve been working on here and there. I’m pretty happy with it. Mostly, I sketch to focus my attention on something other than the million things streaming through my head at any given moment. So far, it works. Between practicing yoga, sketching, and just having some time to myself at home, I’m really feeling so much better and pretty optimistic about things to come.BE6C6221-6674-4C05-B090-929845C76ED1


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